Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Adventures of Matt and Kayla- Taco Bell

So once we went to a Taco Bell. I love Matt, he buys me tacos.

So we went to this Taco Bell once with Caleb. They were snobby and rude and over-charged us. No bueno, Taco Bell, No bueno. (helped ourselves to lots of sauce.)

Went to another Taco Bell. This time, went thru drive thru. Got Accosted by man who tried to car jack us. Got two free Tacos. (and lots of sauce.)

Went to Taco Bell again. This time they accidently overcharged us for one taco. Got three free drinks, free taco, three free cinna twists, and free delicious thing I am not quite sure what it is named....(and LOTS of sauce.)

I liked the last Taco Bell best. I love tacos. :D (and sauce)


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